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12 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

NFL 2014 Free Agent Breakdown

nflWith many Super Bowl bettors still shaking their heads, many players and teams are focusing on free agency.

The free agent market in the NFL will be one that’s closely watched this year. There a lot of needs on many teams and we are seeing many of the old greats – well start to get old.

There are also many teams who feel they are that player away from making it to the big game. Teams like Atlanta and Houston have a strong foundation, but lack key pieces to put them over the top. There are a handful of solid players in this year’s free agent market that could potentially put a few teams over that hump and on their way to super bowl glory.

Well break what teams are who prime to take it to the next step and which players on the free agent market will be the ones to push them to that point.

Atlanta Falcons

Last year was supposed the year of the Falcons. They had everything lined up to finally be great. They won their first playoff game in a million years and Matty “Ice” got that weight off his shoulder. All they needed was a running back……..right


Well, they got that running back, but it was a 30 year old, past his prime Steven Jackson. He was dubbed a savior by some and a dud by others in the preseason. The dud proved to be right as Jackson had his worst season in his career.

We can’t blame his woes entirely on himself. The Falcons O-line was the worst ever and the overall team lacked the poise and desire they showed in previous years.

Jackson is up in the air if he returns, but it seems he’s not the answer, especially being a year older and even more past his prime.

In comes Knowshon Moreno. The 26 year old had his best year and proved he can stay healthy. He’s an all-around back, who can catch and block which is what Ryan desperately needs.

He is reportedly supposed to leave the Broncos and Atlanta would be a perfect fit.


The Broncos had an amazing offense, but their defense could allow a pee wee team to put up 20 points. Their secondary is old, and just bad if were being blunt.

byrdThe key to them winning is an upgraded secondary. Jarius Byrd will be one of the targets for the Broncos this offseason for sure. He’s likely to get elite money, and the Broncos don’t have that luxury. But, if Moreno and Eric Decker walk, they could have the cap space to sign Byrd or another top cornerback.


29 January 2014 ~ 1 Comment

NFL Breakdown and Super Bowl Picks XLVIII

peyton-manning-russell-wilsonThe Big Game approaches and another end to a fantastic NFL season is upon us. There have been many surprises in this year’s season, perhaps the biggest being the teams who failed to live up to expectations.

Every year we see a team pegged as a favorite to go the distance, yet fall short, sometimes very short of their goals. This year was no different in that aspect. But, what was a surprise was just how hard some teams have fallen.

The Atlanta falcons were gunning for a Super Bowl and they looked poised to do so. They even talked Tight End, Tony Gonzales out of retirement. They added a steady running back in Steven Jackson as well. But let’s be honest, if you had Walter Payton and Barry Sanders behind the Falcons line, they likely wouldn’t be able to run for 40 yards in a game.

This was the demise of the Falcons in a sense. They were hyped as one of the favorites coming into the season, but finished with an abysmal record and finished tied with the train wreck that was Tampa Bay.

The Houston Texans were favored by many books to win the Super Bowl. Now they hold the number 1 pick in the draft. They lost a head coach, and are now looking for the QB of the future. Matt Schaub threw an NFL record 6 pick 6s in a row, which by my opinion was a fluke.

The week after he was pulled, backup, TJ Yates managed to pull off the same feat. It was just one those seasons for the Texans.

One team that was also favored was the Denver Broncos. They managed to surpass everyone’s expectations and became the most prolific offense in NFL history. They now face the Seattle Seahawks for their 3rd title and Manning’s elusive 2nd and solidify his legacy – even if he isn’t talking about it.

As of now the Broncos are 2 point favorites to take home the crown of NFL champions.

So who should you bet on? Well, here’s a the prediction from EA Sports and Madden Football.

This should be a Broncos victory and they should cover the spread easily. True, the Seahawks have the best defense in the league, but the Broncos have the best offense. The defense has been slowly Turing a corner in the playoffs and managed to stop Brady and company and a high powered Chargers offense.

While the on field advantage may be slim between the two. It’s off the field where the Broncos have the big edge.

The Seahawks have not one player on the team who has been to the big dance. This lack of experience will show on Sunday. There’s much more to the Super bowl than the game. You have 2 weeks of interviews; shows and more distractions than one would care want.

The Seahawks are young, immature and some may say a “Me” first team. I believe this to be somewhat true and feel it will be the downfall of the Seahawks.

The Broncos have plenty of experience, including a head coach who took the Panthers to the Super Bowl. They are much more mature and have the leadership in the locker room to keep the young guys on their toes. This will be the deciding factor when it all comes down to Manning throwing a last second TD to Demarius Thomas.

Take the Broncos all the way in this one and if you’re feeling frisky, prop bet the last second touchdown.

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21 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

The Texas Longhorns Chances in March Madness

texas-longhorn-basketballSome college basketball analysts won’t look twice at the Texas Longhorns team and suggest they will go on a long run in the NCAA Men’s Tournament. They would much rather tout a top-ranked team like Wisconsin and their chances.

Texas recently went on a losing schnide where they lost three of four games against quality opponents, but they opened the season by winning 13 of their first 17 games.

The one thing that makes the Longhorns an outside but plausible long-shot in March Madness is their rebounding. Combined with their strong inside game and the fact that they are one of the best rebounding teams in the country makes Texas a team that everyone should be looking at when brackets are released.

Depth and Balance Scoring

Health is an important factor for any team in the NCAA. But the Longhorns have some depth that many teams don’t. While some teams can’t afford to lose a single player, the Longhorns can overcome a short loss of any one player.

Texas is fortunate that their offence is balanced in the sense that they have four players averaging over 10-points per game. Jonathan Holmes leads Texas with a scoring average of 12.5 points per games, while Cameron Ridley, Javan Feliz and Isaiah Taylor also combine for huge games and continually feed off of each other during game.

On the Boards

As mentioned above the Longhorns have been rather dominant on the glass this year. As a team, the Longhorns currently rank eighth in the nation in rebounding.

This rebounding is holding up due to the play of Holmes and Ridley. This tandem is responsible for a third of the teams 42 boards per game.

What helps Texas also is their depth. Connor Lammert, Prince Ibeh and Demarcus Holland add to this depth and can play low and inside with some of the best teams in the country, which will come into play during March Madness.

The Big 12 Conference

You might be right to say that the Longhorns don’t belong in the same sentence as some other Tournament favorites, but unlike teams that breeze into March Madness because they play against lesser competition in mid-major conferences, Texas will be battle tested after their season play in the Big 12 where they play against teams like Oklahoma and Oklahoma St.

Sure, Texas will have some ups and downs throughout the season. And they have already lost to both to the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys. But it is those games against these ranked opponents that will make them better when tournament time comes around.

28 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

2014 NBA Preview: What Teams will Rebound?

nba-2014-betting-previewIf you had the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat to play for the NBA Championship, you hardly went out on a limb with those two teams.

We have already seen some major moves in the recent days and it isn’t a stretch to expect a few teams to give the Spurs and Heat a run for their money in the 2013-14 season. Here are some teams to watch for.

Brooklyn Nets

While the trade won’t be official until July 10, on that day the Nets will have become decidedly better when ownership wakes up and makes the blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics official. According to reports the Nets have a trade in place to bring Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to Brooklyn. This trade will provide rookie head coach Jason Kidd a formidable roster that already includes Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez.

The report of this trade has NBA Online Sportsbooks dropping the odds for the Nets to the the NBA title from 50-1 to 25-1.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers have been a up and coming bunch for a couple of years now and it really wasn’t too surprising the they took the Heat to the brink of elimination. The experience over the last two years will mean wonders next season and can help change the landscape of the Eastern Conference. Expect the Pacers again to be at the top of the standing all season and to go deep into the playoffs – again.

Oklahoma City Thunder

It really wasn’t surprising that the Thunder could make it to their second NBA Championship. Considering they lost Russell Westbrook early in the playoffs, it was more surprising that the Thunder held on as well as they did.

Oklahoma City had a wake up call and they should now realize that they need some more depth just incase of such a disaster. How the Thunder do in the 2013-14 depends on if they find that third piece to solidify their starting roster.

Atlanta Hawks

The draft just concluded but there is still a lot of chatter out there about the Hawks. And, for once, Hawks fans should be smiling. While the chances of Chris Paul coming seem to be diminishing, they are reportedly in the running to land Dwight Howard, who is reportedly going to jump off the Lakers’ ship.

The question is if they need to land Howard or someone else to make the next step. All you can do is wait and see.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets surprised many people last season, but they really shouldn’t have. After a really strong 2012 season, the Nuggets made the playoffs. The problem was that they were lacking a big man in the middle as well as experience. Now that they have the experience, they now need that big man.

The other question is how they will do with Brian Shaw replacing George Karl who was fired in early June.

27 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Premier League 2013/14 Title Predictions

premier league betting previewThe 2013/14 season is just around the corner it’s sure to be full of the usual shocks, thrills and overall excitement. Betting-News.co.uk has already began to give the readers some insight into how the fixture list might impact the standings at different stages of the season. When looking at the Manchester City seem to have the easier fixtures for August and September, which might see them get off to a better start than Man Utd and Chelsea, who both face three very tough fixtures in the first six games.

The summer transfer market is now in full-flow with a lot of the teams making notable transfers, indicating that this could be one of the most competitive seasons to date.

The past two seasons have seen the two rival Manchester clubs go head-to-head for glory, however most people believe that the battle for the title next year will be a three-horse race between Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

The “Big Three”

Chelsea have recently appointed “The Special One” Jose Mourinho as their new manager after the departure of their interim boss Rafa Benitez. This appointment may be the biggest determinant in deciding who walks away with the league title next May. Mourinho already boasts an impressive managerial profile under Chelsea from his earlier days, winning both the league title and the league cup twice and an FA Cup trophy to add to the collection. A lot of football (in particular Chelsea) fans believe he is capable of repeating this success for a second time.

For years Manchester United have been considered as one of the favourites, if not the favourites to take home the premier league crown. David Moyes was named Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor and this has received a mixed reception from United fans. Some fans feel he’s the perfect fit for the Red Devils after he was able to establish Everton as a top 7 club for a number of years on a limited budget. Other fans feel quite the opposite, although he has had a certain degree of success at Everton, winning Manager of the Year three times, he has failed to win any trophies managing the club which sparks a big worry in the eye of some fans. This could be United’s downfall for the new season.

Manchester City have had a rollercoaster few years. After being taken over by Sheikh Mansour in late 2009, Manchester City have seen large amounts of money go into their club. They have bought a number of high profile players and this proved to be successful in the 2011/12 campaign when they stole the title from their Manchester rivals grasp. Mancini was fired at the end of this season after a lacklustre season by his standards. City have since brought in ex-Malaga boss Manuel Pellegrini and he has his sights firmly fixed on winning the league title at the first time of asking.


Moyes may take time to find his feet at United and this could cause them to get off to a shaky start. If Mourinho can spend wisely and mould his Chelsea team to his preference, the 13/14 season could see Chelsea win the crown. United, like always, will finish the season strong however a possible poor first half to the season might cost them. City are relatively unpredictable and they could steal the show from both Chelsea and United. If they are able to bring in their transfer targets with their financial input they will arguably be an unstoppable force.

Current Odd to win the title:

Manchester United 11/5
Manchester City 23/10
Chelsea 23/10

10 May 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Warriors and Heat Look to Continue Momentum in Game 3

nba-picksThe Chicago Bulls pulled an amazing Game One upset against the Miami Heat in Miam in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The 93-86 win was capped off with a 10-point run to win the game by the Bulls.

No one expected the Heat to go gently into the night and fold after such a decisive defeat. Lebron James and company rebounded in a big way on Wednesday night and covered that NBA pick against the spread with a rout of the Bulls that turned nasty towards the end of the game.

The series now moves to Chicago for Games Three and Four. Can the Bulls rebound after such a heart sinking loss, or are they just a speed bump for the defending champions?

Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls

Game three of this series is tonight in Chicago at 8:00 ET. With the series tied at one game each, the Heat are seven-point favorites at sportsbooks such as WagerWeb.

It is hard to expect anything less from Lebron than what he did in Game Two. He dominated in the early going and probably would have finish with bettor stats had it not been a blow out of a game. In the first quarter the Heat jumped to a five-point lead and extended that lead to 29 by the start of the last quarter of play. Lebron ended the game with 19 points, nine assists and five rebound.

As much as I don’t expect the Heat to let up on the gas, I also don’t expect the Bulls to lay down. We saw the passion in Game Two, but it boiled over. To win Game Three, the Bulls will have to control that passion and find an answer to what went wrong in Game 2.

San Antonio Spurs at Gold State Warriors

After the pushing Game One to double overtime, the Golden State Warriors had something to build off of. That is exactly what they did when they broke their 30 game losing streak in San Antonio by upsetting the Spurs in Game Two.

The Warrirors are leaning heavily on Stephen Curry as well as Klay Thompson to hit their open shots. Luckily for the team, that tandem is performing lights-out because the rest of the team isn’t doing much on the interior.

The Spurs are looking like the elder team they are and were lucky to split the two games at home. It will be curious to see if they can regroup and even win a game on the road when they take on Golden State in Games Three in Oracle Arena. Golden State is currently 1.5-point favorites for Game Three.

With NBA betting in full swings you are probably looking for NBA picks against the spread, check out The Gambing Pub.

15 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Knowledge is Power in College Football Betting

college football betting knowledgeAcross America there will be plenty of eager gamblers placing bets on football games and, quite frankly, they won’t completely know what they are doing. In all forms of sports gambling it is easy for your perceptions to be colored by reputation as opposed to information.

Bets are often lost because of an ill-informed decision that came down to the fact that the person who placed it went on reputation. Just think for a moment about how many people probably lost money on bets placed during Charlie Weiss’ tenure as Head Coach. The point is that you need to start soaking up information as early as possible.

Learn More About the Players

Players can often come out of nowhere to help lead their teams to success or even a bowl victory.

You’re never going to spot them unless you know who they could be. A simple way to do this would be to start looking through the highest ranked players in high school football and then monitor their progress. An injury may have slowed down the progress of a potential stud running back or wide receiver, but once recovered the next season they may be ready to rock.

Another important point is to look out for when players changed colleges, with a wonderful example being when Cam Newton was stuck behind Time Tebow in Florida before going to Auburn.

Don’t Forget the Coaches

In college football the coaches play a huge role in determining who wins and loses the game.

Former NFL head coaches that have been fired and stepped down to the college ranks are ideal to bet with. They are now operating under less pressure and have some room to breathe, thereby enabling them to get back to what they do best: coach football. Also, plenty of coaches make the move from a coordinator position back to a college tame (Bill O’Brien from the Pats to Penn State is a great example).

Don’t Make it Difficult

You don’t have to get overly complex to start benefiting from your improved knowledge. If you spot some of the aforementioned instances in the future then you will be one of the happy winners bragging to their friends. You can do more to improve your chances with football betting than you can in other forms of gambling, such as mobile slots. It all starts with building up your knowledge base – it’s that simple.

12 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

What Means More – Profit or Status?

betting-profitThis may seem like a fairly obvious question and one to which every bettor will give the same answer – profit. However, this is not always true.

In my experience, there are 2 types of bettor:

1.Those that are happy to make small, consistent profits.

2.Those that prefer the status that comes from winning a big bet.

If profit is your aim (and it should be!) then any profit is better than none.
If you bet in order to increase your status, only large profits will satisfy you.

Betting for profit

With the invention of Betting Exchanges like Betfair, you have the opportunity to trade any of your bets. You can now lay off a bet to guarantee a profit at any time throughout a sporting event, by betting in-play.

Laying off basically means betting against yourself. Once you have placed a bet on a sporting event, then you can change your betting position during it.

For example, at the start of a match, Team A are 3.0 to win. At this stage, you bet on them to win.

During the match Team A are winning big and now trade at 1.2.

You can now become the layer. In other words, you bet on them not to win. You accept bets at 1.2 on Team A to win, up to a fixed amount of your profit.

The result then becomes irrelevant to you as you still make a profit – however small – on either outcome.

Betting for status

So why don’t all bettors do this?

Simply because the improved status that comes with winning big is their main aim. Status bettors can tell all and sundry that they won x amount on a bet and raise their profile within the group. One large win guarantees that their name will be spoken in betting circles for a space of time.

It’s of no concern to the status bettor if that one win simply masks a losing run of 40 bets. It’s of no concern to the status bettor if he doesn’t win again for a year.
It’s of no concern to the status bettor if he doesn’t make a profit regularly.
He is in it for the status of being THE guy.

Professional bettors do not have this mind set. To them, all that matters is making small profits over a large number of bets.

Casinos make profits. Bookies make profits. Professional gamblers make profits.

Profit is king. This simple statement should be ingrained into bettors’ minds before they bet. Professional bettors understand this, status bettors do not.

So ask yourself the question I opened with – what means more to you, profit or status?

10 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Using The Martingale System In Sports Betting

martingale betting systemSports bettors have to know the different betting systems that they can use in order to bet right. The Martingale System is one of the systems that most sports gamblers swear by. This is known to be one of the oldest betting systems in the world that is easy to use and considered to be the most popular.

Martingale System: What It Is and How It Works

The Martingale System is usually used in money bets. It is said that a large bankroll is needed when one chooses to use this system. How does a Martingale System work? The main concept to remember about this methodology is that you need to keep the same bet after each win, and double the wager after a loss. It usually starts with a bettor placing a wager. Let’s say that a bettor places a wager of $200. If the bettor wins it, he would have to stick with the same amount for his next bet. The downside that most people see about this system is that if you lose, you would need to double the next wager. So if you started with $200, and you lost, then that means that your next wager will have to go up to $400.

The Advantages of the Martingale System

Using the Martingale System in sports betting is usually encouraged. The said downside of doubling the wager can actually become beneficial to the bettor especially when luck strikes. Doubling your wager after each loss will give you the opportunity to win back what you lost in case you win the succeeding bets. Let’s say that you lost 4 games in a row, and the bet has gone up to $3200. It may then be possible to win everything back with just one win if your wager has become very high. This would even be more beneficial if you go on a winning streak and end up keeping some profit.

The Disadvantage of the Martingale System

The one thing required in the Martingale System, which may make sports betting become favorable for your odds is a huge bankroll. One will eventually win in bets and having an infinite bankroll will make it very easy for you to recoup the amount of wagers that you’ve lost. Theoretically, this kind of methodology could work, assuming that you make bets in reasonable amounts. If you do take risks, however, you won’t worry because you know that your bankroll will take care of it. However, most bettors and sports gamblers have limits in their bankroll and if they do pursue their doubling wagers, it would lead to losing huge amounts. Moreover, most sports bets nowadays impose bet limits. One might not be able to maximize the possible wins using the Martingale. Instead of enjoying the thrills of the sports game and enthusiastically waiting for the rewards of won games, you might end up on worrying about how to break even.

It is usually recommended that if you want to be using the Martingale System in sports betting, you may just have to learn to control yourself by starting with small bets. Just do it one bet at a time. Sports betting is fun in itself, and has its rewards too. However, you need to keep watch to make sure that you’re in it for winning the bets in a smart way and not just to stress yourself in covering losses.

Find out more info on the Martingale System

09 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

NBA Betting Preview: Utah Jazz @ Oklahoma City Thunder

OKC-Thunder-betting-previewThe eighth place Utah Jazz are not sitting in comfortably in a week that find themselves visiting second place Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 8:00 PM EST. The Los Angeles Lakers are nipping on their heels down a half-point in in ninth place.

While the Thunder are in second place with a 3 point lead over the Los Angeles Clippers, they are only a point and a half from Western Conference leading San Antonio Spurs. You know they have their eye on being conference champions and maintaining home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

With the Lakers charging from behind and the Thunder pursuing the Spurs, you know the Jazz are on shaky ground going into Oklahoma City. Here is an NBA betting preview for this match-up.

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz look like two completely different teams when at home (22-8) and on the road (10-21). Sure you are supposed to be better at home. But if you want to make a run in the post-season, you also have to play well on the road.

If you are looking for placing an upset pick with your online sportsbook, the Jazz are probably not the team for it Wednesday night. Coming into this weekend, the Jazz lost five of their last ten games. As of the writing of this article, the Jazz have lost three straight games – all on the road including to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers.

Oklahoma City Thunder

There isn’t much that has to be said about the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Many said they entered last year’s playoffs with their heads in a fog. However, this season, led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the Thunder mean business and trying to roll into the playoffs with as much momentum as possible.

Entering this weekend, the Thunder are riding a four-game winning streak which includes a record of 7-3 in their last 10 games.

What makes this a hard spot for the Jazz is that the Thunder have only lost four home games all year. That record won’t be much different by the time the Jazz roll into town. While the Thunder have three games before this Wednesday night match-up, only the Sunday game against the Boston Celtics is at home.

Final Thoughts

The Utah Jazz are hitting a slump at the wrong time and could be out of the playoff picture by the time of this game. These are two teams going in opposite directions and it is hard to see the Jazz keeping it close to a team like the Thunder.

However, the Thunder play the San Antonio Spurs Monday night. That game could give you some insight to how close this game might or might not be. If the Thunder lose traction on the Spurs and the Conference lead, they could come out and wipe the court with the Jazz to make up for the loss while a win could relax them and allow the Jazz to keep around enough to cover the spread.