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NFL Breakdown and Super Bowl Picks XLVIII

peyton-manning-russell-wilsonThe Big Game approaches and another end to a fantastic NFL season is upon us. There have been many surprises in this year’s season, perhaps the biggest being the teams who failed to live up to expectations.

Every year we see a team pegged as a favorite to go the distance, yet fall short, sometimes very short of their goals. This year was no different in that aspect. But, what was a surprise was just how hard some teams have fallen.

The Atlanta falcons were gunning for a Super Bowl and they looked poised to do so. They even talked Tight End, Tony Gonzales out of retirement. They added a steady running back in Steven Jackson as well. But let’s be honest, if you had Walter Payton and Barry Sanders behind the Falcons line, they likely wouldn’t be able to run for 40 yards in a game.

This was the demise of the Falcons in a sense. They were hyped as one of the favorites coming into the season, but finished with an abysmal record and finished tied with the train wreck that was Tampa Bay.

The Houston Texans were favored by many books to win the Super Bowl. Now they hold the number 1 pick in the draft. They lost a head coach, and are now looking for the QB of the future. Matt Schaub threw an NFL record 6 pick 6s in a row, which by my opinion was a fluke.

The week after he was pulled, backup, TJ Yates managed to pull off the same feat. It was just one those seasons for the Texans.

One team that was also favored was the Denver Broncos. They managed to surpass everyone’s expectations and became the most prolific offense in NFL history. They now face the Seattle Seahawks for their 3rd title and Manning’s elusive 2nd and solidify his legacy – even if he isn’t talking about it.

As of now the Broncos are 2 point favorites to take home the crown of NFL champions.

So who should you bet on? Well, here’s a the prediction from EA Sports and Madden Football.

This should be a Broncos victory and they should cover the spread easily. True, the Seahawks have the best defense in the league, but the Broncos have the best offense. The defense has been slowly Turing a corner in the playoffs and managed to stop Brady and company and a high powered Chargers offense.

While the on field advantage may be slim between the two. It’s off the field where the Broncos have the big edge.

The Seahawks have not one player on the team who has been to the big dance. This lack of experience will show on Sunday. There’s much more to the Super bowl than the game. You have 2 weeks of interviews; shows and more distractions than one would care want.

The Seahawks are young, immature and some may say a “Me” first team. I believe this to be somewhat true and feel it will be the downfall of the Seahawks.

The Broncos have plenty of experience, including a head coach who took the Panthers to the Super Bowl. They are much more mature and have the leadership in the locker room to keep the young guys on their toes. This will be the deciding factor when it all comes down to Manning throwing a last second TD to Demarius Thomas.

Take the Broncos all the way in this one and if you’re feeling frisky, prop bet the last second touchdown.

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